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Completing the User Profile

1. The ‘Contact Details’ will already contain your first name, last name, and contact e-mail address. You can also enter your position there:

Filling out the profile - 1

2. This is followed by the ‘About Company’ section. If filled in correctly, it will help to verify your profile and thereby increase your status amongst potential partners. In addition, a detailed profile makes your company more likely to be found in the search service:

3. Enter the correct name of your company in the ‘Company name’ box.

4. Then choose the size of your business: Microbusiness (income up to RUB 120 million), Small business (income up to RUB 800 million), Medium business (income up to RUB 2 billion), Large business (income from RUB 2 billion).

Filling out the profile - 2

5. Then you have to choose the company type: IE, LLC, PJSC, JSC.

6. Enter your organisation's contact number in the ‘Phone’ box. This information will only be available to registered users.

7. You can add a link to your organisation's website or the company's social media in the ‘Company website’. This information will only be available to registered users.

8. In the ‘Company Description’ box, you can tell more about your company's business. Remember, however, that you specify the sphere and type of business below, so it makes more sense to describe your values and principles, the rules of cooperation and business development that are essential to you.

9. Below you will see a red heading ‘Change Spheres and Activities’, click on it to fill in these boxes:

Filling out the profile - 3

10. A pop-up window will allow you to select the spheres and activities of your company. For this purpose, tick the box next to the appropriate sphere. You can choose as many spheres as you need.

Filling out the profile - 4

11. Once you have selected the appropriate spheres, you can specify the activities that are relevant to your company. Press the arrow on the left and untick the activities your company is not engaged in from the pop-up menu. Once you have finished, click on the 'Select' button at the bottom:

Filling out the profile - 5

12. The pop-up window with the spheres and activities of your company will close and you will return to the main profile. So, the next section is 'Location'. Its completion will help your potential partners to find you more easily in searches. Specify the country and city where your company is registered. For easier navigation, use the alphabetical list of cities, or start entering a city name and a menu will appear with all the options you can choose from. You can also specify the region or village and the exact address.

13. Completion of the following 'Certificates' section helps to raise your status among potential partners. You can upload 1 to 15 jpg, png, bmp or pdf files of up to 3MB each.

14. The last section is ‘Examples of Works’. Here you can also upload 1 to 15 jpg, png, bmp or pdf files of up to 3MB each. This section is particularly relevant for those who are involved in creative activities and can provide a portfolio of their company.

15. Once you have entered all the data, press the ‘Save Changes’ button. If the operation is successful, you will see this message:

Filling out the profile - 6