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Reviewing Responses

1. Your ‘My Account’ page shows how many responses you have received to your offer:

Reviewing Responses - 1

2. By clicking on the ‘Bell’ icon, you can see new notifications. Following the notification, you can go directly to the order page, where you can review the submitted response in detail:

Reviewing Responses - 2

3. By clicking on the company name, you can see all the information you need: the company's size and location, a detailed description of the company, as well as the requests and offers placed by the company.

4. When you are back on the previous page, you can click on the icon on the right to select the submitting company as the contractor. If you are not satisfied with the company, you can click on the ‘Recycle bin’ icon and delete the response.

5. If you have selected a company as your contractor, you will get a message:

Reviewing Responses - 3