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Customer’s Work with Order

1. When you choose a contractor for your order, he will be notified, but your contact details are not available. The contractor's contact details are, however, available to you; use phone or e-mail to discuss the details of the deal and request the necessary bank details.

2. As soon as the contractor completes the order on the website, you will be notified:

Customer’s Work with Order - 1

3. If the order is completed, confirm this by pressing the ‘Accept Job’ button:

Customer’s Work with Order - 2

4. You can reject the job by clicking on the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon. In this case, the order will be deleted and the contractor will be notified.

5. Once you have accepted the job and have written feedback, you get the message "Success! Your feedback has been successfully added. The Task completed" and the task moves to the Archive:

Customer’s Work with Order - 3