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Adding Bank Details

Afterwards, you can complete your company profile by adding payment information. It helps to verify your profile. Please note that your bank details are not available to other users of the site, so you should negotiate closing conditions and funds transfer with your direct contractor or customer.

1. You should click on ‘Bank Details’ at the top of your application form page to add your company details.

2. You will be taken to the ‘Basic Bank Details’ section, where you can add your company's TIN, CRR, PSRN. You can find the taxpayer identification number, the code of reason for registration and the primary state registration number on the website of the Federal Tax Service.

3. You also have to give the company's registered and actual address and the name of the Director General. If the actual address is the same as your company's registered address, you do not need to fill in the boxes twice, just tick the box next to it, and the system will duplicate these boxes.

Adding Bank Details - 1

4. Once you have made all the changes, press ‘Save Changes’. If you entered all the data correctly, you will see a message:

Adding Bank Details - 2