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About the Project

"Business Sharing Platform" is a modern B2B service marketplace for your company

We will help you find companies from a related business area to build up business processes that will be beneficial to you even in quiet season.

"Business Sharing Platform" creates a free and convenient environment for meeting stakeholders. Using our platform, you will solve the problem of finding new suppliers and business contacts!

Our Goal

You don’t need to own something to use it for your benefit.

Our own site also proves that the sharing economy which is popular now, is beneficial not only to private consumers and self-employed workers, but also to the wider business community.

We don’t care about the size of the company you own or manage, the area of activity where your business operates, nor the part of the world you are based in: the "Business Sharing Platform" service will guide you through the sharing economy!

Business often faces the problem of asset ownership and inefficiency: thus, in the quiet season, research shows that up to 58% of equipment is idle.

Sharing helps to solve this problem and to optimize costs.

The advantages of this system have long been tested in the

  • Tourism industry. Accommodation can be reserved in someone’s apartment instead of booking an expensive vacation hotel
  • Transport. Car sharing services where you do not to pay for insurance, parking and technical inspections
  • Freelance. Exchanges of professionals offering their services directly to stakeholders
The sharing economy allows businesses to connect representatives of small, medium, and large-sized organizations to optimize the costs of each economic actor.

Our Values

We want to build up a business community where even competitors in related fields can help each other to maximize their companies’ potential to make profit.


"Business Sharing Platform" is a service where transgressors of the rules are removed, thanks to a system of ratings and evaluations from the entrepreneurs themselves.

Cost Saving

"Business Sharing Platform" is a service that helps to reduce imbalances in the production capacities of different businesses and to optimize time and financial costs even in quiet seasons.

Rational Consumption

"Business Sharing Platform" is a service that cares about the environment: goods that one entrepreneur does not need should not be sent to a landfill but rather be utilized by a business that can make use of them.


"Business Sharing Platform" is a service that is not tied to any geographical location: every business partner can contact an entrepreneur from anywhere in the world.

Opportunities for Everyone

The size of the company you own, the area of activity in which your business operates, and the part of the world you are based in are all immaterial to the "Business Sharing Platform".


"Business Sharing Platform" is a service where honesty and trust are the main principles.

How do we work?

"Business Sharing Platform" offers any business the opportunity to become a full member of the project free of charge.

To take full advantage of our service, you need to register by providing your company’s details.

After registering, you can create your order by requesting the services you need or respond to existing orders from other entrepreneurs to use their facilities or services.

Each member of "Business Sharing Platform" can act both as a customer and as a contractor, depending on your goals and objectives.

After you and your customer have selected each other, you can discuss, in a convenient chat, all the conditions of the transaction – from deadlines to the execution of closing documents.

Payment for the order will be sent directly to you; "Business Sharing Platform" does not charge any additional fees.

After completing the order, you will get access to the feedback form where you can rate your new business partner on a five-point scale.

For the safety of members, unfair agents will lose access to "Business Sharing Platform".

If you have not decided yet whether you need to become a member of our project, you can review the orders placed on "Business Sharing Platform" using demo access: you will be able to appreciate the convenience of the service to the fullest extent; however, you will not see company names and locations as well as the cost of services.

What is our advantage?

"Business Sharing Platform" is a free international business classified index.

We provide mutually beneficial business relationships between businesses and help them get additional benefits from the current activities of their companies even in situations that seem hopeless.


Wide Geography

The companies of the project members are located globally and are not limited to Russia.


Variety of Orders

Project members can offer both their employees’ services and their production facilities.


Free Service

Project members do not risk incurring any financial costs, while getting an extensive system range of categories for free.


Extensive range of Categories

Smart delivery of offers of interest to you by region or field of activity, an online chat, and no fee for transaction or response to order.

Why buy equipment for a one-time order if you can rent it?

And why leave your equipment unused when you can rent it out?

Share your resources on "Business Sharing Platform" and get extra income right now!